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Evolumi offers two different packages: Free & Plus Package. In addition to that you can add modules to your current package.  We want to be as flexible as possible for you, so you can get what you want and need.



  • Contact Management
  • Action & Task Management
  • Deals & Sales Possibilities
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Email Integration
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Add-On Modules

Additional to our packages, we offer modules that you can easily add to your packages. Currently, we only offer contract management as an additional module, but stay tuned for more updates.

Contract Management

Efficiently manage and control your contracts with Evolumi. Contract management refers to the management of projects and their corresponding contracts made with customers, vendors, partners or employees. With Evolumi’s contract management functionality, you can stay on top of all your contracts and easily manage them within an intuitive interface. You can set milestones, add categories, add users and non-users, organize them and filter contracts according to your needs.

Contract Management

Accelerate your contract execution process now!

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Lead Analytics

Use Evolumi's Lead Analytics so you can attract more targeted traffic to your page and convert more visitors into leads. Integrating Lead Analytics can bring in quality leads for your business on a long term basis. Leads will be automatically generated with prospecting data from your organization’s website visitors. Evolumi provides you with a list of real companies visiting your website. You will receive the data either in a list or the data will be automatically integrated in Evolumi CRM.

Lead Analytics

Generate more leads with Evolumi!

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Call Center

Evolumi knows how much incoming and outgoing calls matter for any business and especially for call centers. Thus, we offer the option to add a Call Center package to Evolumi CRM. This equips sales and marketing personnel and support with the proper tools to manage customer relations.
You can make and receive calls from the CRM with a progressive auto dialer, have a 360 degree view of customer interactions, which provides you with contextual information and leads to a better response and engagement, make use of sales competition and sales commission features that are automatically calculated.

Call Center

Use Evolumi CRM as an application for your Call Center.

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Email Marketing

Combining CRM with Email Marketing results in a powerful application of generating leads and managing current clients. Thus, Evolumi offers Email Marketing as a package that can be added to Evolumi CRM. You can easily send out email newsletters, track customers data, view open and click-through rates, make use of lead generation forms, personalize your interactions with your customers and much more. An integrative Email Marketing package can enhance your ability to generate more leads, deepen customer relationships, enhance customer loyalty and increase sales in general.

Email Marketing

Improve your Email Marketing with Evolumi now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use Evolumi for free with an unlimited amount of users for as long as you want. The free package already includes a great amount of Evolumi’s amazing CRM functionalities. But to be able to use more awesome features such as adding your own branding, click2call or e-signatures etc. you must upgrade to one of our premium plans.
The sky is the limit!

You can add as many users as you would like to. And yes, it’s for free. Forever. Amazing, right? If you do choose to activate one of our paid plans for your organization, then all users connected to your organization count as Premium users.

The data you feed into Evolumi is always owned by you and your organization. Your data will not be saved/stored/shared by us for any other reason than to provide you with the awesome service that you signed up for. Your data is stored on servers within the EU in accordance with EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.

If your organization for some crazy reason ever stops using Evolumi and you don’t want your data to be stored with us any longer, all you need to do is shoot us an email to and ask us to delete your data.

Besides the basic CRM functionality, the plus package includes a wide range of other amazing features. Customize Evolumi to your needs, manage e-documents, invite guests to workgroups, receive automatic reports, call via Evolumi, track your emails, manage e-signatures and much more. You can not only facilitate and enhance your workflow, but also save plenty of time with these amazing features.
Currently, Evolumi can be used in Swedish, English, German, and Dutch. Soon, we will release some new languages, so stay tuned!

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