About Evolumi

Evolumi is a young technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden, which provides one of the best cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for small and mid sized businesses. Customers appraise Evolumi CRM for its simple and easy-to-use interface, while maintaining a wide range of functionalities. Evolumi was founded in 2013 by Christoffer Odin, Mats Andersson and Lars Näslund. The three founders had a vision to develop a CRM software for small and medium sized businesses, which seek for an easy-to-use yet feature-rich CRM system sold at a reasonable price. In May 2016, the vision was transferred to a mission and Evolumi CRM was launched. Since then Evolumi has surely established themselves in the CRM industry. In fact, Evolumi is one of the fastest growing CRM providers in the Nordic countries. But that’s not all: Evolumi is going global. With its recent expansions to the English, Dutch, German and soon also Chinese market, Evolumi is accessible for anyone in the world. In total, we serve customers from over 20 different countries. And the best thing is that Evolumi CRM is in continuous progress and never stops improving.

  • “Why doesn’t everyone use Evolumi? This is amazing!!!”

    Jose S, January 2017


  • “We’re trying to figure out how this fantastic CRM can be free to use.”

    Eric B, November 2016

  • “My god you guys are good… can’t believe I found you guys, but I am happy I did.”

    Annika T, August 2016

More than
More than

What We Offer

New-Generation CRM System for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Free Forever

You can use Evolumi for free as long as you want. There is no time limit set for the free package.

All Users

You can invite as many users as you want. Don’t wait and get your team on board.

Dedicated Support

We care about your customers as much as you do, you can count on us for support and superior customer service.

Intuitive Interface

Clean, dynamic, structured and easy to use… Everything a software should be. Evolumi can offer you an intuitive interface that is suitable to anyone.

Customer Management

Take control of you customer management with Evolumi and take your customer service to a new level.

Cloud CRM

Evolumi CRM is cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. The Mobile App will be released soon, so stay tuned.

Executive Team

Good mix of entrepreneurial drive, technical super powers and massive sales & marketing experience

Evolumi Newsroom: Christoffer Odin

Christoffer Odin

CEO & Co-Founder 

Christoffer has an extensive background in sales and business development. Before Evolumi was founded, he had various manager positions and also gained precious entrepreneurial experience. But that is not all: Chris spent seven years in China, where he was, among other tasks, responsible for building up sales teams and setting up regional offices for one of the largest direct-sales companies in the world. Here, Christoffer has also improved his Chinese to a decent knowledge level.

Evolumi Newsroom: Lars Näslund

Lars Näslund

CMO & Co-Founder 

Lars has over 10 years of experience in the online media industry. Next to Evolumi, he currently works as a Head of Data and Programmatic at Egmont. Previously, Lars has supported numerous companies with his ability of generating traffic to clients’ website through online efforts and monetizing the visitors using a variety of methods.

Evolumi Newsroom: Mats Andersson

Mats Andersson

CTO & Co-Founder 

Mats has been working as a back-end developer and system architect for the past 15+ years. He has developed solutions for some of the most well-known brands in Sweden including Tieto, TetraPak, IF and Boxer. This has given him a rockstar status in our company!




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