Insights & Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and increase your profit with Evolumi’s insight and reporting functions. View relevant data to stay on top of your organization’s performance and receive automatic visual reports to facilitate the evaluation and controlling process.

Evolumi: Insights

Evolumi provides you with


See how many new customer you’ve gained, what type of customers you currently have, or which employee is in charge of which accounts.


See how well you and your employees are handling actions. Sort your data by users, time or action type and get deep insights into your performance.


Are you staying on top of all your deals? Want to see which deal needs more attention? No problem! With Evolumi you get an overview of your deals and the performance related to it.


Are you accomplishing your goals? Do you need improvement? Find that out with the data provided in the insight section.

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    Track your organization's performance

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    Understand your strengths & weaknesses

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    Receive helpful visual reports

Evolumi: Insights

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