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Customer management is more than just sales. With Evolumi, you have a 360-degree-view of your customers, which enables you to provide superior customer service. You should not only interact with your customers, but build a long-lasting relationship.

Evolumi: Contact Management

Take Control Of Your Customer Management

Company & Person Accounts

Classically, Evolumi has been designed for B2B (Business to Business) organizations. Meaning that you have a accounts only for companies. Person accounts allow B2C (Business to Customer) organizations to use Evolumi in the same efficient matter. Evolumi offers Person & Company accounts, which makes it suitable for any type or business.

Handle everything from Accounts

The focus of any CRM software lies on customers and the relationship with them. Accordingly, everything in Evolumi is related to customer accounts. Meaning if you create an action, deal, workgroup or similar it will always be related to a company or a person. In the account itself, you can add actions, deals, workgroups & contacts within just a few seconds.

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    Send emails with just one click

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    Create workgroups & invite clients

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    Link accounts to persons

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    Attach files to accounts

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Save Search Filter

How much time do you spend looking for the same type of accounts? More than once? Then this feature will be helpful for you. Saving your search filter under accounts saves you plenty of time and enhances your workflow.


Add Financial Statements

In a company account, you can also add information regarding the company’s financial statements. Here, you can indicate the financial year, the number of employees and the revenue of the year. We are still working on this section, so stay tuned!

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