Complete CRM for your customer management

With Evolumi CRM your whole team has access to information about customers, deals and sales processes, while at the same time getting a work flow tool. You can of course restrict who has access to what by using an unlimited number of editable user roles.
You get complete overview of sales situation with the sales board, insights, newsfeed and even automatic reports that are sent our just in time for the Monday morning meeting, the monthly reporting cycle, or whenever you preffer.

Make your sales more efficient

With the Evolumi CRM software you can save time, sell more and have a smoother customer management

Email templates

Did you ever want to send similar information over and over again to different customers? We have to, and that’s why we have created Email templates that are just a click away in Evolumi. Have your own templates, or shared between all users. You can even have attached files attached to the templates for extra fast customer handling.

Activity flow

Imagine having all necessary information right where you need it when working through your to-do list.. that’s exactly what you have with Evolumi Activity Flow. All customer information available on the same page as your to-do-list. Easily browse between customer data, without the need to have multiple tabs open. The effect? Better workflow + increased efficiency.


A bottleneck in sales processes can often be to get the contracts signed. With Evolumi you can send contracts for electronic signing, which shortens the time it takes from generating it to having it signed, sealed and delivered. You can even add automatic reminders to the paries that have not signed in time so you can focus on other things.

Customer management is more than sales

That’s why we release more functionality during first quarter 2017 which will make it an even smoother ride to further develop your business.

Send newsletters and campaigns

Set up automatic campaigns that get triggered when a customer registers, or send out a newsletter to your contacts to keep their attention and keep them up to date.

Which companies visit your website?

Evolumi will be able to tell you which companies that actually visits your website, what pages they viewed and when they come back at a later time – so you know exactly which companies to contact.

Full control of your contracts

Create contract templates to generate contracts with the click of a button, and send to customer for e-signing. Quckly find contracts through segmentations, and get nofications for important dates sich as when a contract needs to be canceled.